Join us for worship on Sundays at 8:30 and 10:30am
Sunday School at 9:30 am

Staff and Curriculum

Each of the four lead teachers holds a degree in Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education.  Teachers follow a theme based, comprehensive and sequential curriculum.  The focus of the program is to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities to help promote social skills, independence, self-confidence and school readiness.  Basic math and literacy concepts are introduced and explored, creating a well-rounded program involving play, teacher led activities, individual expression and multi-sensory experiences.

Parent Helpers

As part of the philosophy at Better Together Preschool, parents play a key role not only in the success of our program, but in the early education of their children as well. 
  • Parents are asked to help in the classroom a minimum of 7 times during the school year.  Should you choose to volunteer more than this, you will receive a tuition credit for each day over the minimum that you help in the classroom.
  • Parents and family volunteering in the classroom must pass a background check prior to working with children at school.
  • Sign-ups for volunteer days take place at the Parent Orientation night at the beginning of the school year.

Lunches and Snacks

  • A snack is provided daily and is included in your tuition cost.
  • If your child has a food allergy, please let us know and an appropriate snack will be provided.
  • Children should bring a healthy lunch from eat at school each day.
  • Whole school special lunches will take place 3-4 times throughout the school year.