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Our church is here to help and support people through one of the most difficult experiences in life- losing a loved one. Grief can cause a variety of emotions and we are here to help people navigate the difficult seasons of loss and sorrow. Whether you lose a grandparent, parent, spouse, child, sibling, friend, or other relative, funeral services provide a time to grieve, remember, and gain support from others.

Services can be held at our church, in a funeral home, at the graveside, or in a uique location of your choosing. Pastor Dave assists a variety of families with funeral services, whether they are members of our church or not. He also has worked with every funeral home in Billings and with many from the surrounding areas to assist you with your funeral and burial arrangements. 

Dave also is available to talk about pre-funeral plans if you would like. These pre-funeral plans allow you to select music, scriptures, reception requests and offer input to the kind of service you would like. 

Please consult Pastor Dave at the church office or at to talk more about funeral arrangements or pre-planning your service.