We take seriously Christ's great commission from Matthew 20:18 to go into the world making disciples of all nations.  Our church does not exist for itself, but to better the lives of those with whom we come in contact.
Our congregation supports the work and mission of Christ locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  We support missionaries through the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination. 
Our church takes an active part with Family Poromise helping needy families in the Billings area.  About every 13 weeks our church provides housing for families involved with Family Promise.  We also provide food and activities during this time.


Noisy Offering was received on Sunday, Oct. 30
$527 was received during worship on Sunday, October 30 with our special Noisy Offering.  These funds will go to help bebuild the home of the Willis family in Billings after a fire destroyed their home last year.  We receive a Noisy Offering about four times a year when we invite people to bring their loose change to support local mission projects.

Our congregation also has a strong Stephen Ministry program, which helps people develop skills to assist others through difficult times.  Stephen Ministry is a interdenominational program that trains people to care for others in one-on-one relationships.  Stephen Ministers helps others who are grieving the loss of a relative, loss of job, illness, or another life altering transition.  To learn more about this program, we invite you to visit our Stephen Ministry page on this website.
The work of the deacons provide care to those in our congregation and community.  Twelve men and women from our congregation currently serve as deacons.  The deacons meet once a month.
We are making an effort to reach out to the students at Rocky Mountain College and MSU-Billings as college years are usually a formative time for faith development.