Don't Miss It

Don't Miss It!
“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name above the earth.”  This verse from Psalm 8 came to mind as I was recently weaving my way up Zimmerman Trail.  This road, which our family simply calls “The Z,” cuts through the sandstone rims and provides a wonderful view of the city below and mountains in the distant.  It was a crisp blue day, one of the many that we enjoy in this Big Sky Country.  The leaves below the Trail were full of bright colors— a mixture of orange, red, and yellow.  I usually don’t notice these kinds of things, but on this day, God certainly did get my attention.


How many times have we taken God’s simple pleasures for granted?  How many times do we find ourselves running from one activity to another, that we don’t even see God who is at work in our lives?


The season of Thanksgiving provides us a time to slow down and to express our thankfulness for all of God’s many blessings.  God’s gifts are more impressive than what we might find on a store shelf; they include the gifts of life, peace, joy, hope, and salvation. 


One of the many ways that we can express our appreciation to God is by give back to the work and ministry of Christ.  On Sunday, November 7 you are encouraged to join us for Commitment Sunday, when you will be asked to make a commitment for the coming years in terms of sharing your time, talents, and treasures.  Your gifts are very important to us as we continue to move forward as a congregation and advance the Good News of Jesus Christ in our church, community, and world.  You should have recently received a letter from our church’s stewardship committee and an enclosed “Commitment Card.”   We encourage you to complete this card and bring it with you to church on Sunday, November 7.  If you are unable to attend on the 7th, you can simply return the card to the church office via the self-addressed stamped envelope that was included with the letter. 


I look forward to worshipping with you on the next Lord’s Day as worship affords us an opportunity to gather with other Christians to express our gratitude to our God for the many blessings that we have received.


As you find yourselves busy in this season, take time to look around and see God who is at work in our lives.  Don't miss it!


In Christ,


Pastor Dave